There are those times when you connect your storage device to another device and all your files just disappear. In such a scenario, your storage device has been corrupted but there are several degrees of corruption. The first thing is to check the properties of your storage device by right-clicking on it and selecting ‘properties’. If the size details indicate that your files are still present yet you see nothing in the device even after enabling it to show hidden files, then you have been hit by the recycler virus. To rectify this:

Connect the storage device to a safe PC and wait for it to be recognized

Open ‘My Computer’ and note the storage device’s drive letter (e.g I , G or H)

Press your windows button and search for cmd.exe

Right-click on it and run it as admin

In the command prompt environment, type cd\ then press enter

Type G: and press enter (where G is the drive letter from step 2 above)

Type attrib -r -a -s -h /s /d and press enter

Wait for the process to finish running then go to your storage device

All your files should have been returned.

Delete a folder called recycler